Everspace recibe modalidad Hardcore en PC

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Porque al parecer Everspace no era ya lo suficientemente difícil, Rockfish Games actualizó el título en PC añadiendo la dificultad Hardcore junto a otras mejoras.

El modo Hardcore es un apartado independiente, y aunque el comportamiento de los enemigos es similar al de la dificultad Hard, uno no puede mejorar las habilidades del piloto y gratificaciones de la nave cada que se regresa al hangar tras morir.

Solo al terminar un sector podrá uno mejorar las gratificaciones de la nave, si se cuenta con los créditos suficientes. Encima de esto, cada que inicie un nuevo sector el juego requerirá que seleccionemos una desventaja para aplicar a la jugabilidad general.

Entre las adiciones que trae la actualización a Everspace, está el soporte para TrackIR, personalización total para joysticks, y el poder modificar configuraciones visuales como Motion Blur, aberración cromática, anti-aliasing, ajustar el tamaño de pantalla fuera de VR, modo daltónico, y soporte para teclado y mouse en VR.

En cuanto a la llegada de esta actualización a Xbox One y Windows 10 (vía la Windows Store), Rockfish no tiene una fecha concreta para publicarla. Mencionan que después de migrar a Unreal Engine 4.16 encontraron bastantes problemas, y siguen ocupados arreglándolos. Pueden leer el resto de los cambios que trae la actualización en los foros del juego, o debajo del tráiler.


New Features

  • Added Hardcore Mode
  • Windows (64bit): Added Joystick and HOTAS support
  • Windows: New controls menu to freely configure Mouse/Keyboard, Gamepad and other input
  • Windows: Added TrackIR support
  • VR: Added mouse / keyboard support
  • Added new languages: Chinese (Traditional), Japanese, Korean
  • Added a spectator camera that can be activated during Action Freeze mode
  • Added basic colorblind option affecting HUD marker colors
  • Added option to select the anti-aliasing method (Off / FXAA / Temporal AA)
  • Added option to change the screen percentage in non-VR mode
  • Added option to toggle Motion Blur
  • Added option to toggle Chromatic Aberration
  • Mac: Steam Achievements and backer rewards (via Steam) now working on Mac


  • Buffed Gunship: Starts stronger (more hitpoints, more armor, more energy regeneration, increased boost) but ends up with same values as before when fully perked
  • Slightly reduced enemy accuracy on “Hard” difficulty
  • Increased HUD visibility when sensors are damaged
  • Slightly reduced Okkar Drone burst duration
  • Slightly reduced Coil Gun spread
  • Destroyed ships no longer deal collision damage while tailspinning
  • Show message when fuel limit is reached
  • Show current cooldown of devices, secondary weapons ammo and consumables amount in selection wheel
  • Increased Temporal Anti-Aliasing sharpness
  • Updated tonemapper and color grading to work with UE4.16
  • Added a “fully mined” indication sound
  • Used a special warning sound for silo missiles
  • VR: You can now reset your camera orientation via the gamepad by holding down [Select]
  • VR: Decreased the size of the mission markers
  • VR: The Oculus Rift mirror window is now undistorted
  • VR: Added “aim with headtracking” option to keyboard options menu
  • VR: Disabled VSync and FOV options in the display options menu, since they should never be modified for VR
  • VR: Enabled monoscopic far field rendering, which should improve performance a bit
  • VR: The sensor damage screen effects are now disabled while the player is in a menu
  • VR: You can now reset the device orientation during cinematics playback
  • VR: Added some missing UI animations


  • Fixed a bug where clones would not spawn again if once killed and then exited out of the run and continued
  • Fixed infinite loop bug when selecting previous consumables if there is an empty slot at the end
  • Fixed Okkar Corvette Mk2 plasma cannons not becoming friendly when Corvette gets mainframe-overridden
  • Fixed Missile Turret device not all stats being displayed
  • Fixed thermal beam not being affected by sound fx volume settings
  • Fixed wrong Gunship device slot amount showing in perks screen
  • Fixed “Scanning…” message occasionally not being removed
  • Fixed Okkar forces and Warships jumping in with Low Profile Glyph equipped during story missions
  • Fixed fuel being restored after a jumpgate jump when having the Fuel Conservation glyph equipped
  • Fixed teleporter device wall hack
  • VR: Fixed an issue with some HUD widgets still being visible in menus
  • VR: Fixed that you could apply the resolution/FOV in the display options which would then get loaded in non-VR mode
  • VR: Fixed that you could enter the action freeze mode via the keyboard, resulting in a black screen
  • VR: Fixed the positioning of the aiming assist marker
  • VR: Fixed a slightly offset crosshair when “aim with headtracking” was selected
  • VR: Fixed that the crafting list widget didn’t scroll correctly
  • VR: Fixed wrong positions of main menu / intro video when launching the game with an HTC Vive. This is a workaround for a SteamVR plugin bug that slightly increases loading times with HTC Vive headsets.
  • VR: Fixed that the game would lose input focus when Alt+Tabbing out of the game window or clicking anywhere else
  • VR: Fixed a hanger that could occur when resetting the run or game from the options menu
  • VR: Fixed invisible health bar of the final boss
  • VR: Fixed that you could open the system menu while jumping
  • VR: Fixed a rare crash that could occur when approaching traders or service stations that are about to jump away

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