Cities: Skylines recibe actualización gratuita

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El parche 1.1.0 de Cities: Skylines fue liberado el día de hoy por Paradox Interactive, aunque mencionan que con la actualización varios mods dejarán de funcionar hasta que estos sean actualizados por sus creadores. 

La actualización brinda a Cities: Skylines tres nuevos mapas europeos, 50 edificios estilo europeo para dichos mapas, túneles, y nuevas adiciones al editor de objetos como el importar vehículos personalizados.

Paradox agrega que se enfocarán en brindar gratuitamente nuevas características a Cities: Skylines, así como mejorar las herramientas para crear mods, pero también ofrecerán expansiones de paga basadas en nuevas mecánicas de juego.






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Cities: Skylines Offers New Content for Free Today!

First Major Update for the Acclaimed City Builder Available Now

STOCKHOLM – May 19, 2015 – Paradox Interactive and Colossal Order have today released the first major update for Cities: Skylines, the world dominating city builder for PC, Mac and Linux, all for the princely sum of nothing!

The first brand new content since the game’s release, this free update titled “Version 1.1 – European Theme” includes:

  • Three new European Themed Maps
  • Over 50 European style buildings for the new European map themes
  • Wall-to-wall buildings enabled for the European Style buildings
  • Tunnels, one of the community’s most requested features
  • A number of Asset Editor additions including the ability to import custom vehicles
  • A multitude of smaller cosmetic additions and bug fixes.
  • Full patch-notes can be found on the forum

Commenting on the forthcoming roll-out of brand new content, Brand Manager Jakob Munthe said, “Cities: Skylines will continue to follow the traditions set by other recent Paradox releases such as Crusader Kings II and Europa Universalis IV of paid expansions combined with large updates of free content ensuring that all players, whether they choose to purchase the expansions or not, will have plenty of new features to look forward to. One of the major differences, however, between those titles and Cities: Skylines will be that minor DLC updates will be uncommon. The majority of content updates will be significant upgrades and additions.”

Munthe continued, “Going forward, we will focus on giving away the main features for free and improving the modding tools, while also selling major expansions around new mechanics. But we will also continue to offer free content such as new buildings and road types.”

Cities: Skylines is a modern take on the classic city simulation, introducing new game play elements to realize the thrill and hardships of creating and maintaining a real city whilst expanding on some well-established tropes of the genre. Boasting a fully realized transport system, Cities: Skylines also includes the ability to mod the game to suit your play style as a counter balance to the layered and challenging simulation.[/pane]


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